Question: Will I be able to use your blinds near the coast? Will they rust?

Answer: Yes you will be able to use our blinds to the coast. We are able to courier the blinds to you for a DIY installation and no our blinds will not rust as we ensure our blinds are made from aluminum instead of steel to warrant there will be no rust.

Question: When ordering the blinds online how do i make sure i am taking the right measurement and will the color chosen online be the same as the final product?

Answer: To obtain the correct measurements book an online consultation with our consultants to explain what measurements are needed or they can tell you exactly what to measure through a zoom or skype call in order to get the correct measurements. Our colors online are from the exact same color palate from our products so what you see is what you get.

Question: For DIY installations do you supply everything that is required?

Answer: Our DIY packages include everything that is required pre packed and labeled for an easy DIY installation. We also include measuring equipment which is personalized to your installation allowing it to be quick and easy.

Question: Is delivery/ labor covered in your prices?

Answer: Yes delivery is included in our DIY packages within the province, delivery outside of Gauteng will be at an extra cost. Labor is included in our price that is within the province. If labor is required outside of Gauteng logistics and costing will need to be arranged and discussed.